Get your Working Group On


In preparation for the Berkeley campus visit of Drs. Fred Moten and Thomas DeFrantz, the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies invites all interested UC graduate students to participate in the…

“Break/ing Ground” Multi-field Working Group
13 March 2012, 5 – 7 pm
126 Dwinelle Annex

The TDPS annual Speaker Series invites working groups across multiple disciplines (Dance Studies, New Media Studies, Sound Studies, African American Literature Studies, and Critical Theory, etc.) to discuss key readings by our featured scholar-performers, Drs. Thomas Defrantz and Fred Moten, in preparation for their lecture-performance on Thursday, March 15. TDPS graduate students, Sima Belmar and Omar Ricks, will lead a multidisciplinary discussion. Light refreshments will be served.

Reading selections include:

  • “The Resistence of the Object” and “Visible Music” from Moten’s In the Break
  • Essays by DeFrantz include “The Black Beat Made Visible: Hip Hop Dance and Body Power,” from  OF THE PRESENCE OF THE BODY, ed. by Andre Lepecki, and “Composite Bodies of Dance: The Repertory of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” from Theatre Journal 57.4 (December 05)

Finally, Jared Sexton’s October 2011 talk at Berkeley, “People-of-Color-Blindness,”  is currently up on UC Berkeley’s YouTube channel at the following URL:

Sexton’s talk both dialogues wonderfully with both Moten and DeFrantz’s work and might be an interesting touch point during the meeting.





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